Saturday, May 23, 2009

what make a man?

This isnt goodbye even as I watch you leave
This isnt goodbye
I swear I wont cry even as tears fill my eyes
I swear I wont cry

Any other girl Id let you walk away
Any other girl Im sure Id be okay

Tell me what makes a man
Wanna give you all his heart
Smile when youre around
And cry when youre apart
If you know what makes a man
Wanna love you the way I do
Girl you gotta let me know
So I can get over you

What makes her so right
Is it the sound of her laugh
look in her eyes
When do you decide
She is the dream that you seek
That force in your life

When you apologise
No matter who was wrong
When you get on your knees if that would
bring her home

Repeat chorus

Other girls will come along they always do
But whats the point when all I ever want is you
Tell me


SarjaN yO said...

Baca part Chorus tu..Faham betul2...xsemua lelaki sama...tapi perempuan yg dah saya jumpa semua sama...

sitihawa said...

nnt jumpa la yang lain.
yang betul2 lain.
sampai blh dikatakn 'pelik'